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About Motherboard Earth Productions

Hello, my name is Nathan Baldwin, owner and operator of Motherboard Earth Productions, LLC.

Motherboard Earth Productions is a small-scale, free-lance project studio based out of Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania. I provide mobile and remote music production, sound recording, and live sound services and consultation at a modest rate. What that means is that I am able to assist in many different tasks within the realm of recording, production, or live sound. These services are available a la carte and are scalable based upon the client’s needs, budget, and available resources. “Mobile” means that I can come to you at your own home, rehearsal space, venue, or rented locale. “Remote” means that I can also assist with aspects of your project without requiring us both to be available and present at the same time and place. In that regard, the world is my studio. This translates to a flexible, convenient, low-pressure, and efficient process. Moreover, I personally believe that this is highly conducive to channeling artistic inspiration, making recording and production a more relaxed, personal, and creative experience.

In our current technological era, many modern working musicians now have the physical means of producing and recording their own releases, but may lack in technical expertise or production experience. On a practical level, you only really need a small handful of items to produce excellent recordings - a computer or other recording device, a recording interface and preamps, a reliable monitoring system (speakers or good headphones), and some decent microphones and cables. But with all of these things becoming more and more within the reach of a working musician’s budget, the missing ingredient can often be a knowledgeable and experienced guide in the process.

That’s where I come in. Maybe you could use help with preproduction, arrangement, mic placement, tracking, and/or editing. Perhaps you’ve got all of that down, but you really just want your tracks to be mixed by fresh ears, or your own mixes touched up. On the other hand, maybe you don’t want to deal with the technical side of things, and would like to just be the musician and have me see your project from start to finish. That’s cool too.

So you or your band would like to film or record music videos or live content for your YouTube page? No problem. I can handle the audio, and find a videographer to work with us. Your band wants to record in some acoustically exotic locale like an old church or warehouse? Awesome. I’d love to experiment. Throwing a prog-metal pig roast, a rockabilly rib fest, or a counterculture clam bake, and need live sound? Cool. What’s on the menu, and what’s on tap? Also, would you like the show recorded in full multitrack to have a mastered copy later, possibly to pair with live footage? I can handle that as well. Did you say that those were braised short ribs? Excellent.

That’s what I’m all about. As a musician since 1996, I’ve performed and/or recorded with many individuals, bands, and music organizations of various styles. My background and formal training is mainly in guitar, but I also have a solid music theory foundation, as well as years of experience with piano, bass, vocals, drums and percussion. Over the years, I’ve built my studio setup to suit my own needs, but enjoy providing music production, recording, and live sound services to working musicians at a great value. Ultimately, I just want to make music on my own terms and help others to do the same, all while building a network of collaborators in various fields to aid in each other’s successes.

Let’s make some music together.