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This is an incomplete list of musicians, artists, photographers, and others whom I have worked with. More will be added over the course of time. Please browse and enjoy.
Rooted in alternative rock, dipped in coffee-shop acoustic, a dash of grunge with a smooth melodic finish, Wojo’s music explores progressive new territory of his songwriting, incorporating elements of dance music, pop, metal, and psychedelia. Drawing from over a decade of life experience, his introspective lyrics cover topics ranging from failed relationships and co-dependence to personal and artistic growth under constraints of corporate/popular culture. Despite the abundance of heavy subject matter, an optimistic Wojo playfully pokes fun at his peers for taking themselves too seriously, proving always to be the jester.

Amanda Noah
“The only thing better than singing is more singing.” ~ Ella Fitzgerald 

Amanda Noah agrees wholeheartedly. Her family always reminds her that she started singing before she could talk. Music has presented her with an array of opportunities and experiences - musicals, playing in bands, open mic stages, and collaborating individually with some great musicians. “I have had an abundance of help along the way, for which I am ever grateful”, Noah states. In the summer of 2009, she started playing shows around her hometown of Butler, Pennsylvania, and 2010 took her from Pittsburgh to Erie and all the way into New York. Noah loves it all. She considers it a blessing and an honor to do what you love & share it with people. This new year has a lot to offer - more shows, more recording, meeting you, and whatever else surfaces.

The Music Parade
We're a collective of musicians | We love animation | Find us on Pinterest for eye candy & Tumblr for thought pieces

Travis Neely Photography
Travis Neely is an advertising photographer based in Pittsburgh, Pa where he lives with his wife, dog, and two hip cats named Rudy and Vonnegut.

IF Workshop
To encompass and capture a diverse range of human activities, creations, destinations, and modes of expression and fill the world with more original beautiful art work.